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Despite Microsoft's best efforts to convince everyone to upgrade to a newer version of Windows, Windows XP is still running on nearly 28% of all computers connected to the Internet. If you have to continue using Windows XP, make sure your web browser is at least being updated.

Microsoft Security Essentials is free, but other security options are available — including suites from Kaspersky and others.

Your web browser is often the place where most users wind up getting infected with a virus or malware.

The latest version of Internet Explorer isn't even available on Windows XP.

Although buying a Mac is more expensive, plenty of users prefer the experience, and the software available for Apple machines is easily on par with what you can get for Windows. Linux is far from perfect, but it has become much more usable in the last few years.

When Mom's Windows XP laptop died a few years ago, I insisted she get a Mac. Thanks to Ubuntu and distributions such as Linux Mint, using Linux no longer has to be scary.

You can either bring your existing computer into the Genius Bar when you buy your Mac at an Apple Store and get help migrating data over that way, or you can use the Windows Migration Assistant Apple provides to move Windows data to OS X.

Again, the Migration Assistant won't bring over apps — but it will bring over email, contacts, calendar files, bookmarks, system settings, photos, and music and video files.

The benefit here is that nothing in the virtual machine can contaminate other apps or files on the main system.

The PCmover Express app is free and will move over personal files, user profiles and settings to a Windows 7 or later machine.

PCmover Express will not move over applications — so make sure you have copies of your installation disks and serial numbers for anything you use day-to-day.

Hackers have targeted Windows XP with aplomb for years — and that was while Microsoft was providing security patch support. So regardless of the reasons you're still using XP, start preparing to move to a new operating system right now.

If your existing computer can support Windows 8.1, you can upgrade for 9.

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But rather than spending $199 on software, you might want to look at getting a new computer or laptop.

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